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A beach family

Melissa Gronda has worked in the large format print and installation business for over 20 years. In 2009, with years of experience and knowledge of the products and process, she started Gronda Productions. Gronda Productions is a woman owned business and a certified WBE. In 2017 while working with a printable anti-slip material, Melissa had an idea to apply the product to surf boards as a no slip, customizable graphic.

As a beach family, they often spent vacations at the Jersey Shore surfing and boogie boarding. Understanding that Sex Wax (the product used to make these boards have a no-slip surface) needs to be applied and reapplied, Melissa combined her extensive knowledge and experience and saw an opportunity for a better product. She came up with the idea of using this one time no slip customizable material for outdoor recreational sporting activities, with the added benefit of creating your own design.

As a family that loves outdoor activities, Melissa knew this product would be useful on but not limited to surfboards, boogie boards, skimboards, skateboards, and paddleboards.

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