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GSpot Sport

From surf to turf, how we began…

Melissa Gronda founded the idea of this company after taking surfing lessons with her family in 2012. Surfing is about balance, skill, timing, and getting a good grip. She wanted a better grip, one that doesn’t need to be reapplied. A grip that doesn’t wash off but stays on your board, protects your board, enhances performance, and creates a unique look with customized graphics. Using her manufacturing background and a lot of R&D, G Spot Sport was formed.

We are continually evolving, innovating and creating new product lines. We have gone from Surf to Turf with patents pending for our unique customized graphic grips.

As a family that loves outdoor activities, Melissa knew this product would be useful on but not limited to surfboards, boogie boards, skimboards, skateboards, paddleboards, lacrosse sticks, pickleball paddles, and more.


Melissa Gronda is a working mom and has 5 children (YES 5!).  She is married to Dr. Rick Gronda, an Assistant Superintendent in Northern NJ.

In addition to being a New York Giants SUPER FAN and a Breast Cancer WARRIOR, she is passionate about bringing people JOY and inspiring them in the activities they LOVE.


It’s all about who is standing last

Inspiring and Empowering Female Athletes at any Stage, Age, or Ability.  Get a Grip, Feel Your Strength.


“At G Sport Sport, we are on a mission to empower women and all athletes, reminding them that pursuing athletic activities with unwavering passion is the key to restoring joy, finding purpose, and living their best lives. We firmly believe in the potential of athletes, from the pros to the recreational, and recognize that moms are the unsung heroes of their families, the true athletes. Our aim is to inspire women of all ages, in every life stage, and of any ability, igniting their confidence to explore new horizons. With grit, and of course, the perfect grip, we believe they can conquer anything. We blend fun and performance, catering to athletes, both seasoned and beginner, and provide a fun avenue for personalizing their beloved activities. Welcome to a world where every athlete thrives, powered by our unmatched sport grips and a community that champions your unique journey.