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Patent Pending Customizable Grips/Graphics from Surf to turf

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Retail Opportunities to have your brand on our iPad kiosks with a generic link to template(s) page or Provided 24”x36” sign with your unique qr code for customers to scan and design their boards in your retail locations.

Online ordering with a custom branded link to our patent pending graphic and grip technology template site to use on your manufacturing, wholesaler websites, or share link direct to your customer’s websites.

Create your own equipment specific template and set up a custom template page just for your item(s).

Brand the custom graphics with your company’s logo or non-branded options.

Ability to receive customized graphics grip only and install at your facilities or have us install on our equipment for final product.

Distribution, Shipping, and packaging unbranded to stores, wholesalers, or with your brand direct to consumers.

Looking for Corporate & Sponsored Events? 

We got you! 

Contact us for event-branded sports gear- surfboards, bodyboards, sleds, pickleball paddles.

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Melissa Gronda

Melissa Gronda

President & Founder

Joy Pettibone

Joy Pettibone

Chief Operating Officer